System event registration system


I was wondering whether anyone has a suggestion for a system that would allow me to register system events (like error, warning) and access them through API. How this should work: if an error happens in the system, openhab rule sends a REST api information to this system and then it shows up via notification in the habpanel (through API). Once I handle the error, I can press handled in HabPanel and the error disappears. System should properly recognize and not duplicate errors and warnings.

It is not hard to implement such a system myself, but I thought maybe there is already something not to difficult to setup at home.

Take a look at the logreader binding. That might meet your needs.

hmm, this works only with openhab, however I would love it to be more universal. Also, judging from configuration and channels it is very crippled (shows only number of errors and last error vs list of errors).

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