System machine learning

Hello everyone,

Is there way to implement some machine learning functions such as:

  • To let the system read news every morning for example. So the system learns the home resident habits (what they like to hear about news) and by time, it will reads the news when make voice ordering?

  • To make the system turn on/off indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures as the residence habits. So when they are on vacation, the system can simulate their existing to prevent a thief intention to approach the house :)?

  • To learn the person identity from his/her voice. So the system can run his/her scenarios and run multimedia devices as per his/her habits?

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I thought about that as well and came to the conclusion that openhab can only serve as a data provider to a learning entity via the eventbus and feed suggestions back as either item commands or notifications.

But voice control is completely out of scope. Openhab itself only relays this task to other providers.

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For this you can use Openhab/Google presence simulator

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