System "offline" after upgrade

i have just updated to version 2.5.4-1 and in the basic UI there is a warning that the system is offline, nevertheless the system is online and fully functional!

Same here, but unfortunately the sysem is not “fully functional”. Mappings defined at a switch are no longer working. The following definition in my sitemap only shows the default-switch, but not the four buttons:

Switch item=TemperaturChartPeriod label=“Chart” mappings=[0=“4 Hours”, 1=“Day”, 2=“Week”, 3=“off”]

Has there something changed?

i did a cache clean up and then everything seems to work fine.
in putty write the following commands:

sudo systemctl stop openhab2
sudo openhab-cli clean-cache
sudo reboot

when the system start up again, reconnect to putty and give the command:

sudo systemctl start openhab2
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Thanks a lot, cleaning cache and a restarting openhab (of course) solved the problem. Since i’ve dockerized openhab, the cache isn’t removed automatically when updating. So i forgot to do this manually.
There’s nothing so simple that you can’t do it wrong…

It is:

Usually you can fix these issues by just restarting openHAB without any cache cleaning at all. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned the cache manually. It’s a very long time ago.

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@wborn Actually i did 4 reboots to the system (through putty) and the problem was still there. Only when i manually cleaned the cache the problem was fixed