System Speaker of laptop not working as audio sink

I’m running openhab 2.5.0~M4-1 (Milestone Build) on a Laptop running ubuntu 18.04.

in settings i can select “System speaker” as an audio sink, but when using it the log shows an error

[ERROR] [avasound.internal.JavaSoundAudioSink] - An exception occurred while playing audio : 'Cannot create AudioDevice'

I dont know how to get javasound or enhancedjavasound to activate/work/link with the speaker?? do i need to install some java thing?

in the console, when viewing available sinks, i only see my chromecasts. (they work fine as audio sinks)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: intel i3 in laptop

    • OS: Ubuntu 18.04

    • openHAB version: 2.5.0~M4-1 (Milestone Build)

anybody who can help? i’ve searched for days but dont see any solutions… :frowning: