Systeminfo Binding 2.1.0 - Unable to get CPU Temp

I’m running OH2 on OrangePi+2E and trying to get GPU temperature. Unfortunately everything I’m trying - failed.
I’m even wondering if it’s possible with Systeminfo Binding 2.1.0?

In the Paper UI I’m not seeing even one sensor under the Thing. Someone any ideas ?


As far as I know, the System Info binding is not providing the gpu temperature.

See below Link for a way to retrieve GPU Temp via exec binding:

Hi Ben,
It was a little bit strange for me as according to the binding information it shout be able to get the CPU Temp.
However thank you for the detail tutorial and the way I can get the CPU Temperature.


Hi all,

I’ve installed the Systeminfo binding on a RPi Zero W and there are no sensor channel shown in Paper UI. Would anyone know if the CPU temperature would be available on this device?

The temperature is available from the prompt so I would have thought the binding could retrieve it:

It’s just a test machine for when I’m travelling ans so far the little guy hasn’t missed a beat :slight_smile: