[Systeminfo Binding] different RAM values - ssh console vs. Binding


I use the systeminfo binding in my openhab configuration.

Number Memory_Available        		"RAM frei [%.1f MB]"    		<ram>				(gOHpi)   			{ channel="systeminfo:computer:openHABianPi:memory#available" }
Number Memory_Used              	"RAM belegt [%.1f MB]"    		<ram>				(gOHpi)  			{ channel="systeminfo:computer:openHABianPi:memory#used" }
Number Memory_Total             	"RAM gesamt [%.1f MB]"   		<ram>				(gOHpi)   			{ channel="systeminfo:computer:openHABianPi:memory#total" }

What surprised me a little that the values in the binding provide the following values:


and in the ssh console I get the following values:


Does anyone know what the difference in the values, or what value is the right one?

I use openhabian on a raspberry 3 with build # 1133.
I already had these value differences in earlier builds.




I found more informations about memory:


The value used memory in ssh console include also the allocated memory.
I think in the systeminfo used memory is the “actual used memory”?!

One of the differences is the console will print the amounts at that point in time. There are new programs starting and initializing when you log in which will consume more memory after you get logged in.

The other differences (e.g. like the Total value) is probably explained by the fact that 1 GB is 1024 MB.

970 MB / 1024 MB = 0.947 GB

I wonder why FireMotD doesn’t round up…