Systeminfo Binding problems

Since a few weeks the binding systeminfo stops working.
It only works for one measurement once I install the binding and after that it stays silence without any errors and no log…
The binding worked great for over half an year but somehow now it behaves strangely

This is the things config file:

systeminfo:computer:home [interval_high=60, interval_medium=60]

Do you get any error message in the openhab and events log file in /var/log/openhab ?

that’s the problem nothing at all…

To what Intervall did you set your channels, my guess is Low. Try a higher setting.

I use the default configuration parameter and for the values that I need they are set to medium.

But I found the proplem as soon as I set the interval_high and interval_medium to the same time interval it does not work.
I now set it as follow and now its working again!

systeminfo:computer:home [interval_high=50, interval_medium=60]

So is this a bug or a “feature”?

I can’t see any obvious issues with this in the binding code, but it might be a concurrency issue in the OSHI library. If you want to investigate, set the binding to DEBUG level logging and see what it outputs.

ok will try to replicate and see what the DEBUG output says

hmm when I save the things file with high and medium priority set to the same value I get no log output at all.
Once I set it to two different values I get this:

10:20:21.666 [INFO ] [del.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Refreshing model 'systeminfo.things'
10:20:21.693 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - High prioriy tasks will not be run anymore !
10:20:21.694 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Medium prioriy tasks will not be run anymore !
10:20:21.695 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Start initializing!
10:20:21.701 [DEBUG] [teminfo.internal.model.OSHISysteminfo] - OSHISysteminfo service starts initializing
10:20:21.792 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Systeminfo implementation is instantiated!
10:20:21.794 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Start reading Thing configuration.
10:20:21.795 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Refresh time for medium priority channels set to 60 s
10:20:21.795 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Refresh time for high priority channels set to 50 s
10:20:21.797 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ThingUpdatedEvent    ] - Thing 'systeminfo:computer:home' has been updated.
10:20:21.801 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Properties updated!
10:20:21.801 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Schedule high priority tasks at fixed rate 50 s.
10:20:21.802 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Schedule medium priority tasks at fixed rate 60 s.
10:20:21.802 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Schedule one time update for low priority tasks.
10:20:21.803 [DEBUG] [fo.internal.handler.SysteminfoHandler] - Thing is successfully initialized!

Just tried it here, and get the same result. Whats interesting though is that if I add a new thing it works, but not if I edit an existing thing to use the same value for both properties. If I create the thing in paperUI it also works, both creating a new thing and updating an existing. So the problem doesn’t seem to be in the binding, but rather in the .things file parser.