Systeminfo binding, RasPi 3 - no CPU temp, no voltage and some other questions

I’m using the current openHABian image with updated software packages, Openhab 2.1 stable.

I could not find out, why the systeminfo binding doesn’t show me the CPU temperature or voltage. I thought the Pi 3 should have a temperature sensor?

And how can I get the thing properties like cpu_logicalCores, cpu_physicalCores, os_manufacturer, os_version, os_family. PaperUI is showing it correctly, but I have no idea how to show it in my OpenHAB sitemap.

The last question: how can I change the network properties from default wlan0 to eth0? I’m using a network cable, so I want to see the network statistics for eth0 and not for wlan0.

You will have to identify the item names and then use them in a sitemap file.

Hi all,

I recently created a pull request to update the OSHI library to the newest version, which supports temperature readings of the CPU on RPis.

With the current 2.2.0 version the CPU temperature can be read out on my Pi3. :slight_smile:

Is there a way thath I can read out the following system information which are shown in PaperUI?

Also some other bindings show there some information, e.g. Sonos, Netatmo, …

I guess that is not possible to access the properties. Did you check if there is any channel which could provide these values?