[SystemInfo] How to display MAC/IP addresses


I’m trying to display IP/MAC addresses according to the documentation:

But I don’t read any values. I mean there is no IP address nor MAC address.

This is my items file:

String Network_IP1 “IP1” (SystemInfo) { channel=“systeminfo:computer:work:network0#ip” }
String Network_IP2 “IP2” (SystemInfo) { channel=“systeminfo:computer:work:network1#ip” }
String Network_IP3 “IP3” (SystemInfo) { channel=“systeminfo:computer:work:network2#ip” }
String Network_IP4 “IP4” (SystemInfo) { channel=“systeminfo:computer:work:network3#ip” }

I have no clue what’s going on. Other parameters like CPU loads, CPU name work.


Do you really have 4 NICs?

I have: eth0, lo, tun0, wlan0, so I assume, that all of them count as NICs.

From that point of view, the number wouldn’t be optional, as every system has at least two ip addresses, so, is there any output if you omit the number?
And what’s with autodiscovery? (I don’t use this binding yet)

After removing number, it’s a little better. For data sent I see 0MB. But I don’t know which interface it is because I don’t see IP nor name.

In autodiscovery (in Control of PaperUI) I see that this is my tun0 interface. I have IP and data sent - 0 MB.

But how to display data of other interfaces? My hardware is Pi3.

In docs of systeminfo binding there is a sentence :

channels with priority set to ‘Low’ only at initializing or at Refresh command.

How I can send a refresh command? Maybe I will be able to see the name of the interface.

Any updates on this. I too am trying to get the systeminfo binding for OpenHAB2 to display my Network IP address… in fact I can’t get it to corretly initialize many values. The CPU Load & Uptime values are working, even the Network Mac address is working. But many, many items such as CPU Name and Network IP are not initializing at all.

I’m using a Raspberry PI and I can confirm via the REST API that the items state (e.g. value) are NULL.

If you look at the thing directly, the IP address is known, but if I create an item with channel=“systeminfo:computer:raspberrypi16:network#ip” I just get a blank value - may be it something to do with the formatting?

Long time since the last reply to this thread, but I have the exact same issue with this binding running on a PI3 regarding IP address.

Is someone find out a solution to get it work?

I have Openhab 2. Systeminfo binding installed,

String … {channel=“systeminfo:computer:HomePi:network#ip”}
String … {channel=“systeminfo:computer:HomePi:network#mac”}

Works for me.

In the documentation, there’s nothing about “network0#ip, network1#ip” maybe it is not implemented.