Systeminfo : Questions about how to add another storage


I would like to add another storage device to systeminfo. I already found some things using the binding doc (

I’m using Openhab 2.1 and installed systeminfo with PaperUI. I’ve copied and unzip /var/lib/openhab2/tmp/mvn/org/openhab/binding/org.openhab.binding.systeminfo/2.1.0/org.openhab.binding.systeminfo-2.1.0.jar in order to edit ESH-INF/thing/computer.xml like this :

			<channel-group id="storage0" typeId="storageGroup" />
			<channel-group id="storage1" typeId="storageGroup" />

After that I recompress all the files and put it back to it’s original location and restarted on openhab ssh console the bundle (bundle:restart $ID).

And now… nothing is displayed to the PaperUI with many errors in log:tail about that binding :stuck_out_tongue:

May someone help me to understand where I’m wrong please ?

Thank you

EDIT : I uninstalled the binding from the console, remove jar and sha1 file and reinstalled it. I had a syntax error inside my item configuration. It’s now working as at the begining. I still need help to understand how to add others devices.

Hi @aletor

Did you get this working ?


Same problem here.
I also do not understand the instructions given on the wiki page of the binding how to add indices of devices. A full sample would be very helpfull.

This binding is pretty useless without accessing all mounted filesystems.


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Sorry as I had lot of work to do I didn’t tried much more things.
Maybe someone will come here with a solution but I should retry to work on this.