Systeminfo UNINITIALIZED inside Synology Docker

I’m trying to get systeminfo working inside of the openhab docker on my Synology. I found one post from 2017 on the topic, but it didn’t discuss how to handle the docker. Has anyone had any success with this? I’m assuming there’s a library or something missing somewhere, just not sure how to get it to pull in with the docker in the middle (and have it survive upgrading the docker to newer snapshot versions).

I would be astonished if the systeminfo binding would ever work in a container. The whole point of containers is isolation from the host OS. The whole point of the systeminfo binding is to get deep into the sensors built into the host. They are two conflicting goals.

Maybe if the container were run in privledged mode, OH inside the container were running as root, and you mounted the right folders from the host to the right folders in the container it might work. But it’ll be a lot of work with an uncertain outcome.

That was my fear. I was hoping to use it to glean off some level of data about the host. Thanks!

I believe Snyology supports SNMP and there is an SNMP add-on for OH. You might be able to use that.