Systemstatus and counting request_nif for example

Just have got the actual openhab2 Version.

All running fine, but after Update it takes some time until all devices are fully green.

Some battery devices are on request_nif at the moment, one or two on not communicating with controller.

Ist there a way to count on this Device-State to make a overview in Sitemap like “System Health”?

Didnt find something in the forum while searching.

Help us help you.

What OH version?
What types of devices?
What Operating System?
Any log errors that look significant?
What have you tried to troubleshoot?
What system status? Your OpenHAB server?

That’s normal of course. You just have to wait for them to wake up.

There are no “Device-State” accessible in openHAB. You can examine Thing status in rules. There’s probably a way to automate that by scanning for Things in a particular hierarchy.

Or, if you’re impatient like me, you can wake up your battery-powered devices manually by performing the wake up steps from the device manual. :wink:

Not if a device is sleeping, not expecting a command. (for example, a zwave PIR sensor) Why should it have its radio on during sleep?

Yes. You can of course still get a Thing status for sleeping devices. I doubt its of much use, but that’s what the OP wanted.
I’m assuming the Thing here stays offline after a reboot, until the first wake-up, and then shows online forever even when the device sleeps?

Maybe my question was not concrete enough.
I know the devices come up with the time.

I want to write some rules will ask for the state of my Zwave network.

The result should be something like:
Offline 0
Request_nif 4
Full working 28

So I need to get those informations per device shown actually in habmin only in device list.

Is there a class in object to get those information ?

@chris is there something we can query or reference for zwave things, showing their current status or state?

There is a way to get the thing state (online/offline) -:

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Didn’t find details like REQUEST_NIF there in documentation, but I‘ll try with that to figure it out.

Thanks a lot.

No, you won’t. This is an internal ZWave state and not related to the actual thing. OpenHAB will not know anything about the internals of a binding.

I’m not sure what you’d expect to gain from a list of “awaiting REQUEST_NIF” really. As I understand it, that is almost the permanent state of any battery zwave devices from OH viewpoint.

I know Home Assistant (openzwave) reports a Sleeping status. Perhaps they are the same?

It shouldn’t be - once the device wakes up and moves past this stage, it will be something else. Unless you are restarting OH quite often, this should only be at this state until devices wake up after the restart.

No - it’s not linked to sleeping state. It is simply an internal state - maybe I should just remove it from the UI to avoid confusion.

Thanks a lot. :+1: could this be a useful request? :thinking: so you can show status in own build user Interface. Everybody needs some dreams :joy: