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Getting to the point with OH2, where I’m looking at the next step in my use case. And so fare, Openhab has been a positive experience. It is true it has a learning curve, and the documentation is not 100% - at least not so I find it easy to use. But the community is very helpful and is taking over where the documentation is missing. So a big thank you to the community.

My use case:
Standing at the front door about to leave, it should be easy to see, in some easy way, if all windows are closed.

I have got windows sensors working, got a sitemap working that shows status.
I had envisioned, an old android tablet, which just shows ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (Green or Red,……), taken from OpenHab.

So, how is this done in the easiest way with OpenHab ?

Tablet solutions
These are the different UI that I have found.

Dashning UI

-Has a very nice UI, and looks very good.
-As I understand, this is build outside of OH, and you have to install a new server and ‘infrastructure’ for running this.
-You must develop/program widgets.
-And the framework it is based on, has the development on this stopped ?

Android Phone/ Apple phone app
Standard OH app, defaulting to standard or simple sitemap
-Very easy to setup.
-Some of the other UI, seems nicer.

Sitemap in browser
-Very simple to configure
-100% part of the OH setup
-Locked to the row layout of OH.

Project Rotini

-Looks good.
-Still in beta.
-Another external setup, with new servers (?), and new widgets


-Looks like a nice simple UI for tables.
-External server. Need to setup infrastructure for this.
-Abandoned project?


-Looks fine
-Part of the OH setup
-Still need to create widgets.

So – staying inside the OH framework, is the conclusion:

– Use Android client with simple sitemap, or browse a simple sitemap.

Best tailored
– using HabPanel

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You might want to check out Imperihome - Started using it with my Vera and migrating over to my OH2 using the OH2 binding -

It’s a flexible framework and can integrate with other systems (like Sonos or Vera) as well.