Tado binding improvemnts

Hi guys,

lately I have done some digging into the tado binding and the manufacturers Api. I found 2-3 features of the API which would be of great benefit in the binding.

Firstly on the home Thing the API offers a switch to toggle home and away mode. I can see that there has been a pull request to address this and it has been merged. However it’s not available on my local installation. Is there some step missing in the release cycle? And if so when can we expect it to be published?

Secondly the Binding reports the openWindowDetected on the zone thing. This is read only and is updated only if the temperature drops quickly. However there is another property which is writable that is used to confirm that the window is actually open. This one is most likely used by the smartphone app as well.
What would be the best way to get this supported? I would also be willing to do the coding myself. Or should I wait for one of the maintainers?

And the third one would be to create an new type of thing called the thermostat. There is an old thread related to this where it was simply deemed to be to much effort. Any chance to revisit this?

Best Regards Felix

You can always check if there is a GitHub issue or pull request. For the home/away there seems to be a GitHub issue [tado] Manual setting of away/home officially supported · Issue #7114 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub But no one seems to be working on it. So I would say go ahead. If you do so best is to report here, and also on GitHub you’re working on it.