TADO Thermostat via Openhab in Homekit

Openhab 3.4

I want to integrate the TADO Thermostat via Openhab in Homekit
But i Get the Error

Wrong value HEAT for CurrentHeatingCoolingMode characteristic of the item Wohnzimmer_Soll_temperatur_current_mode_Homekit. Expected one of following [OFF, HeatOn, CoolOn]. Returning OFF.
Number:Temperature  Wohnzimmer_inside_temperature       "Temperatur"     <temperature>          (Wohnzimmer){ channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:currentTemperature" }
Number              Wohnzimmer_humidity                 "Feuchtigkeit"               <Humidity> (Wohnzimmer){ channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:humidity" }
Number              Wohnzimmer_heating_power            "Heizleistung"    <heating>                         { channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:heatingPower" }
String              Wohnzimmer_hvac_mode                 "Heizen"       <switch>                            { channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:hvacMode" }
Number:Temperature  Wohnzimmer_target_temperature       "Sollwert"      <temperature>                       { channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:targetTemperature" }
DateTime            Wohnzimmer_overlay_expiry           "Ende man. Heizen"  <time>                          { channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:overlayExpiry" }
Number              Wohnzimmer_timer_duration           "Timer"  <time>                                     { channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:timerDuration" }
String              Wohnzimmer_operation_mode           "Modus"                                             { channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:operationMode" }
Group               gWohnzimmer_Thermostat                  "Wohnzimmer Thermostat"                                                              {homekit="Thermostat"}
Number              Wohnzimmer_Ist_temperatur_Homekit       "Wohnzimmer Ist Temperatur [%.1f °C]"                   (gWohnzimmer_Thermostat)     {homekit="Thermostat.CurrentTemperature" [minValue=10.5, maxValue=30], channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:currentTemperature" }
Number              Wohnzimmer_Soll_temperatur_Homekit      "Wohnzimmer Soll Temperatur [%.1f °C]"                  (gWohnzimmer_Thermostat)     {homekit="Thermostat.TargetTemperature"  [minValue=10.5, maxValue=27], channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:targetTemperature" }
String              Wohnzimmer_Soll_temperatur_current_mode_Homekit    "Wohnzimmer  Mode"                           (gWohnzimmer_Thermostat)     {homekit="Thermostat.CurrentHeatingCoolingMode" [OFF="Off", HeatOn="HEAT", CoolOn="COOL"], channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:hvacMode" }
String              Wohnzimmer_Soll_temperatur_target_mode_Homekit    "Wohnzimmer  Mode"                            (gWohnzimmer_Thermostat)     {homekit="Thermostat.TargetHeatingCoolingMode"  }

How the Mapping should be [OFF=“Off”, HeatOn=“HEAT”, CoolOn=“COOL”]?
And which thing has to be link to homekit="Thermostat.TargetHeatingCoolingMode?

i dont have TADO thermostat so i dont know which mode it does support, but it looks like it returns “HEAT” if it is heating. HEAT is perfectly fine for homekit as well. so, no mapping is required.
if you want to do mapping, then

String              Wohnzimmer_Soll_temperatur_current_mode_Homekit    "Wohnzimmer  Mode"                           (gWohnzimmer_Thermostat)     {homekit="Thermostat.CurrentHeatingCoolingMode" [OFF="OFF", HEAT="HEAT", COOL="COOL"], channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:hvacMode" }

if TEDO does not support cooling, then you can just remove it from mapping and it will disappear in home app, e.g.

String       Wohnzimmer_Soll_temperatur_current_mode_Homekit    "Wohnzimmer  Mode"                           (gWohnzimmer_Thermostat)     {homekit="Thermostat.CurrentHeatingCoolingMode" [OFF="OFF", HEAT="HEAT"], channel="tado:zone:1:Wohnzimmer:hvacMode" }

does TADO support setting of mode, e.g. can you switch it off? if yes, the link target mode with the TADO thing for setting target mode.

if TADO does not support setting mode, then just keep it as it is, without a link to a thing.