"Tag Control" for PUT and DELETE tags in items most simple and quick way

Hey everybody.
As going on with my own openhab integration i was too lazy to set and modify the tags over the REST API Documentation on the openhab Web-UI, so i was looking for a simplier alternative.
So i spent some time to code a nice and simple Java program, which gives you basic functionality and is also just as simple to use as making 3 clicks.

Intorducing “Tag Control”: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z6UhYkqsOpni2B9x06qD1PRwoQGogwAY/view?usp=sharing

Some notes on this:

  • limited to 1500 items
  • limited to the first tag only per item (but still several tags can be set and deleted)
  • starting with linked openhab demo for testing purposes
  • requires installed java

As told, it provides only basic functionality to be as simple and quick to use as possible.

  1. put in your openhab url and port in the header
  2. click “set url”
  3. click “get items” and you see all items provided by your openhab
  4. select an item you want to edit in the table (just by one-clikcing on it. do not doubleclick and edit anything, even it is possible so far. This would (or should) have no effect on the tag assignment, but may cause problems)
  5. enter a tag at the bottom
  6. set or delete the entered tag, as you want, by clikcing the corresponding button.
  7. repeat 4. - 6. for all items you want to tag / untag.

What do you think at all?
Usefull? Or waste of time? Improvements? Bugs?
Let me know :wink:

PS: Especially interesting for https://community.openhab.org/t/official-google-assistant-integration-for-openhab/


Seems to be working great!!! Thanks!! Making life easier :slight_smile:

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Useful, but…
Improvements suggested

  • Sort in the columns
  • Several Tags
  • Tag checking (Typos…)
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Thank you for the reply.

  • Sort the columns is already in progress :wink: As i was also bugged myself by not being able to sort on names or kinds of things/items.

  • Please clarify what you mean by “several tags”.
    First i thought myself of doing a dropdown list of tags to choose from, but i decided to implement a text field, so everyone can put in a tag himself, as the list is growing … Maybe i missed something out

  • Tag checking is also a part of point 2, i think. When i do a pre-defined tag-list by drop-down menu, you cannot mistype a tag, but you also cannot put in another tag, than pre-specified in the program.
    On one side, you don’t need any other tags. On the other side, i thgought to give the user freedom to choose any tag he want.

Looking forward to your thoughts about that

Wow thanks.

This helps a lot.

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That’s great thank you! Do you have a new version with sorting in the columns? I have a lot of items and it’s not easy to find them in the list…

Thanks again!

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Hi renegade2k, thanks for your very handy tool.

I used it to delete the system default tags with my Philips hue stuff, so I won’t have double listings of the same device with Google Home. This was working fine up to Openhab 2.3.
After updating to OH 2.4 I’m not able to edit any item/tag anymore.
Is there any chance you will continue your work?

Best regards!

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Thanks for your replies, guys.
I still didn’t give up this tool.
Sadly i got some “bad luck” last year, as my HDD broke and i was only able to recover a few parts from my whole software, which i did not review yet. Also i was nearly the whole Novembre in the hospital …
Getting my thing done and sorting out the broken parts of my old system, i’ll check out the remains and will test the tool for the new v2.4
And i will publish the code maybe :wink: It’s pretty confusing and dirty coded, but there are lot of people dong a ways better coding than me, so maybe someone will get an improved version of this, when i’m out of time

PS: found the source code. So, it’s not lost at all ^^

I just used your old version with oh 2.4 and it’s working fine.

Can you share the source code? Maybe I can help you or at least I can try to create a version with some improvements I need (sorting and backup, since I lost all tags after oh 2.4 upgrade).

Thanks again

Hi, I created a modified version with sorting and filtering because I needed them starting from your program!

Can I share the jar on the forum?

Hi Riccardo,

I wonder why renegade2k’s tool was still working for you. On which plattform are you running OH2.4?
Anyway, maybe you could share your version, so I can try out?


Yes, Oh2.4.

Let me know!

Sorry for the late answer once more.
As mentioned, i got several private problems and for this i’m not always on developing software, as i wasn’t even using it for like a year now.

Of course you’re free to edit and publish varieties of it.
Still, i tried to get your version to running, @Riccardo_Garofano, but it did not start for me.

So i digged out my old code (which i still will publish on git asap) and did some modification.

The tag editor runs on 2.4 fine. It was just forbidden to “get items” from the demo OH, as they increased to like 1750 and my software was developed to handle 1500 at max. So it just crashed in the background, but the GUI was still responding.

I increased the max items to 3000 now, inserted sorting function, made the shown table not editable (just to prevent other errors) and did a bit of background coding. Also there is a little dirty debug window now. It’s hidden and you can bring it up, by clicking on the mysterious little square on the bottom right corner.
It’s ment to be used only when you get serious errors. Better not play around with this :wink:

I did not that much of testing as i lack on time, but i fixed the new coded errors as i found by basic testing. When you get even more ideas or problems, tell me and ill try to fix.

So far: here we go for version 1.1 :partying_face:

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Any chance you could add a few more buttons and a column for the new metadata stuff, which seems to be replacing tags? :slight_smile:

Sorry guys I fixed it. Enjoy it!