Tags and Milestones

@maintainer while preparing the release notes for 1.8 i stumbled upon many PRs/Issues which aren’t tagged (as either bug, enhancement or new-binding-action-service) nor associated with a milestone. While some the PRs where correctly unflagged (since they where bugfixes for new services being introduces with the same milestone) some weren’t.

It would be great if you would take care when merging in future.

Thanks guys, Thomas E.-E.

Hi Thomas,

Could you explain or provide a link to the precise rules that should govern how issues and PRs should be tagged and associated with milestones? If we can improve on “do as we think we see others do” to “here are the exact rules”, then there will be much less confusion going forward.

It would also help me understand why certain changes appear in the release notes and others don’t.

Forgive me if the answer to this is obvious, but better to be clear!

no, not (yet) existent :smile: (but i got your message and hope to follow up on this soon)

i’ll provide the script (little bit of Groovy) to generate parts of the release notes. Unfortunately there is no help from Github (besides the API) directly. In general the query reads like this:


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@maintainer still many PRs got merged without one of the mentioned tags and with no milestone selected. Please help tagging the PRs (even the closed ones) properly in order to have less work with the release notes afterwards.

Thanks in advance, Thomas E.-E.