Tankerkoenig Binding now available on the marketplace

OK, uninstalled Tankerkönig Binding. Then restarted OH2. After that went to /usr/share/openhab2/addons and downloaded the new jar using wget with the link from github. Restarted OH2 again, checked in Karaf if jar is loaded -> Yes Version

Looked into fuelstation thing, but nothing changed -> no new channel, reverted back to the old version, no change so i assume that i did not get the right version.

Afert reverting to old version the version in Karaf changes

Any ideas?


That sounds familiar and I have to apologize!
I had to remove the old bridge and stations and install them new in order to get them with the new channels.
I can’t explain that, but it worked that way for me and I totally forgot that point! I’m sorry!:flushed:

That holiday-trip was really long!

No problem. It is working now :slight_smile:

Is my understanding right:

Holiday switch stops polling if ON

Opening contact ist OPEN if Station is open


Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding holiday channel:
This one is used in the mode OpeningTimes only. In this mode the reported opening times of the station are used to determine if the Station is open. If it is open the Station gets polled, if it is closed if doesn’t get polled. The opening times for a holiday are the same as for a sunday, because of that the binding needs the information if today is a holiday. If yes, the reported opening times for a sunday are used.
The opening times are updated daily by a specific “Detail” request for each station.

Regarding station_open channel
If the contact is OPEN the station reported open!

OK First Feedback after installing with function:

Got the opening state from two stations and contact is open. Now i have to wait until the station closed to observe the change of the state


I hope you have other things to do as well, waiting until a station closes on a saturday migth get really boring (similar to whats on tv):blush:
Note, by selecting the log-level DEBUG you would be able to “read” the raw feedback of the web-requests. The opening-times are in the “detail” request, that one is polled after initialising a station.

:slight_smile: Some other things like finishing my tax declaration for last year are still open :slight_smile:

OK second feedback, the open/closed channel is working in the first tests. I would suggest to merge it to OH 2.2 and give it a try


Thanks for the feedback, however you’re a bit late with the suggestion. Kai did already merge (while I was sleeping :blush:)

Better late then never :-:rofl:


I have upgraded to the latest snapshot release of openhab. The only binding which is not working anymore is Tankerkeonig:

following failure:

OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR No valid response from the web-request!

could anybody help here?

best regards René

That sounds as if you do not get a correct return from the webrequest. Reading your questions here indicates that you have a working internet-connection, I’d assume the same for the system your are running OH from.

Please raise the log-level to DEBUG for this binding and check your logs for entries like:

 2017-06-25 16:02:12.679 [DEBUG] [ig.internal.data.TankerkoenigService] - getTankerkoenigDetailResult IOException: 
java.io.IOException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: General SSLEngine problem

In this case you need to get a valid certificate for hhtps request. To way to get it can be found in the FAQ section of the docs under the topic: “-The Station(s) and Webservice stay OFFLINE”

Please report back if that doesn’t help.


I get this failure from the DEBUG:

2017-09-23 19:53:59.174 [DEBUG] [ig.internal.data.TankerkoenigService] - getTankerkoenigDetailResult IOException:
java.io.IOException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: No negotiable cipher suite

I added again the certificate like described in the manual and restarted OH2 without any success :frowning:

Google says the following:
Cause Cipher Suites that are sent by the client application are not added to Broker’s SSL configuration

Looks like there was an change in the Binding and this configuration not done properly.

I don’t know from which version of tankerkönig binding you were coming, so I can’t say wether you got a change regardind the binding.
Even the latest change of that binding was tested by users without any complaints.

If you would use the http binding or a rule to test, you should see the same error (If my assumption is correct, otherwise yours).


it looks like there was an change in OpenHab. I need to add the following line to the karaf file to be able to use the RWE smartome binding:
-Djdk.tls.client.protocols=TLSv1 \

This option prevents the TankerKoenig binding to connect to the API. It was not an problem in the older release. Is there maybe an workaround available to use the binding also in my configuration again.

I have checked also the old way to get the actual gas price over the http binding. This still works:

Number Diesel “Diesel [%.3f €]” {http="<[https://creativecommons.tankerkoenig.de/json/detail.php?id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&apikey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:300000:JS(super.js)]"}

best regards René

Thanks for the fedback.
Personally I can’t say if there is a solution for your problem, my knowledge isn’t that wide.
I’m not even sure who could help. Searching…

Got a hint from @mstormi.

The adjusted setting:


SHOULD be worth a try.
Where exactly did you insert your setting into the karaf file?

I tried your setting in the IDE and got the same error! Changing the setting as suggested above removed the error!
Could you try it on your system with both bindings and report back?
…and the question where to put that line in the karaf file is still open (for me), setting the same in the IDE is defferent!

Just read your post in the other thread, that it isn’t working for the RWE binding.
?? I’m out of clues ATM, have to go thinking…

Did some thinking.
You used the Http binding successfully. At a first glance this binding uses the same HttpUtil as Tankerkoenig. IF THAT IS CORRECT there has to be a difference in the usage, which, when found, could be changed in the Tankerkoenig binding.
But that will take some time.