TapoCamera v4.1.0-2


The binding allows you to control Tapo Camera settings and manually turn on/off siren.

At the moment not all functions are supported.

The binding not repeat an IP Camera binding functionality.

My main goal was to get manual control of the siren (like HomeAssistant do) in automations.

Tested on Tapo C200 and C310.

The Binding uses local API. More info is here Tapo C200 - HedgeDoc


Version 4.1.0-2

  • added reconnect when encryption key is incorrect
  • added thing label for logging

Version 4.1.0-1

  • added support firmware 1.3.9 , new secure protocol

Version 4.0.4-1

  • added support OH 4.x
Old release for OH 3.4

Version 0.1

  • initial release



Download Jar:

Old Jar’s:

Source code:


i have a problem with the binding. After setting up the bridge, the scan found the tapo c200 camera and then i set the hostname, username e password but i get a “communication_error”. In the log i can see this error: “[ERROR] [amera.internal.api.TapoCameraApiImpl] - Invalid token, error code: -40401”
The camera have the firmware version 1.3.5
What can i do for solve this problem?

Are you putting correct login and password?

Try put password the same as cloud password

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Hi @d51x,

I am not sure if this is the correct location for my question. I just try. :wink:

My c320ws sends me notifications via the Tapo app when a person or movement is recognized.
I would like to use this information to e.g. switch on a light in the night.
Do you think it is possible to add this functionality / information into the TapoCamera binding?

I know that there is something similar already available in the binding: Last Alarm Time / Type
But I do not know when the alarm is over. I would like to have this information, so I know when to switch off the light.
Additionally, I would like to send regularly snapshots from the camera as long as there is a movement.

Best regards,



Looks like it could be very useful - thanks!
Can I ask / check if it is possible to arm / disarm the cameras (hone / away mode) with this binding?



it seems like that

or you can mannually on/off siren

Ok. Cool. Will give it a try. I ask as was wondering if this was read-only
(A cursory investigation of a few brands suggested security camera manufacturers seldom exposé this functionality for fear of being exploited)

Since fw version 1.3.9 Tapo introduce new authentication method and binding cannot connect to the camera.
Need several time to find solution for successful authorization on new firmware.

Version 4.1.0-1

  • added support firmware 1.3.9 , new secure protocol

I don’t have a camera with a version lower than 1.3.9 without the new secure protocol. All my cameras have been updated to version 1.3.9, so I don’t know how the new binding version works with the previous firmware.

Version 4.1.0-2

  • added reconnect when encryption key is incorrect
  • added thing label for logging

I am using a Tapo C100. The camera is displayed as online.
However, nothing happens when switching the privacy mode.
Is the channel usable?

Great initiative! Im awaiting delivery of Tapo C520WS. If you want me to test something for you, i will be very happy to do so.

I have problems with the bridge, this error appears in the logs:
[ERROR] [nal.common.AbstractInvocationHandler] - An error occurred while calling method ‘ThingHandler.initialize()’ on ‘org.openhab.binding.tapocamera.internal.TapoCameraBridge@2b8b211b’: Cannot read field “errorCode” because “response” is null

I don´t know how to find org.openhab.binding.tapocamera.internal.TapoCameraBridge@2b8b211b, and I don’t understand the error.
Someone can help me.

Same problem here. Tried to connect the bridge but error occurred.

2024-06-01 09:41:00.375 [ERROR] [core.thing.internal.ThingManagerImpl] - Exception occurred while initializing handler of thing ‘tapocamera:bridge:e6564b9cbf’: null

2FA is disabled in Tapo App.