[TapoControl] - Control Tapo Smart WiFi-Devices with Openhab - Official Support Thread

Ive been following these instructions but i cant seem to work out where the config file is for tapo.things…

I’m experiencing also an issue, dont know if it is related, maybe not. Suddenly my P115 smart plug just says “unknown api error (-1)”. Anyone experienced same problem and knows how to solve?

Tried removing the smart plug from Tapo, adding it again, removed bridge and item from openHAB and added again. Same error.

2024-04-02 23:01:03.503 [INFO ] [ab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing 'tapocontrol:P115:de34d6b793:AC15A2D28C2F' changed from UNKNOWN: unknown api error (-1) to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): unknown api error (-1)

After some more research I found this merge request on github for a communication rewrite that was necessary to be able to communicate with the devices: [tapocontrol] new communication protocol integration / code revision by wildcs · Pull Request #15725 · openhab/openhab-addons (github.com)

I added the user-compiled add-on (GitHub - wildcs/oh3_compiled-addons at tapocontrol) to my openHAB instance and changed the communication protocol under advanced on my smart plug to secured KLAP HTTP Protocol. Then its working again…

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I have configured my Tapo Bridge and wanted to add my P100 socket. No matter which socket I add I get the following error:

Does anyone have any idea why this is the case? Here is my bridge configuration

I believe you got the same error that i experienced. Wrote about it in the post above, fix is not merged into addons yet, so you will have to download a user-compiled binding for tapocontrol to enable secured KLAP HTTP Protocol…

@Bigdesaster Expire is not working properly. Let me explain better. I have refresh interval set to 30. If I define expire in the Item any value lower than 30s will work. If I use higher expiration times it does not work. Looks like the binding is reinitiating the expire count every 30 seconds (or whatever is the time specified in refresh interval)

Edit: this also happens with other bindings

Edit2: solved using expiry update