Tasker openhab

Hi. Another question about tasker. Is it possible with tasker to wake up my tablet display when an item is updated for example when fibaro motion sensor triggers?
If not what other options I have?

Tasker (which I assume you are talking about?) should be able to do that using a HTTP check on the rest/item but that would trigger based on a repeat time on the context.

There is a mqtt plugin that tasker can leverage which may flip the screen on based on a mqtt change, haven’t thought about a scenario like this.

I believe there is a Kiosk browser that can leverage a front facing camera and turn on the screen based on someone approaching it.

The openhab app have integrated the tasker plugin but it doesn’t seem to work with triggered items from openhab. To sent commands on the openhab it’s working fine. For example I set the tasker to enable a wall charger with shelly1 when the battery level is 65 and stop when its 90 and it’s working perfect.

Correct which is why anonymous recommends the alternative approaches.

You could possibly run habpanel viewer Android app, which can receive commands from openHAB via string item.

Screen on is one possible option.