Tasker plugin and state profiles

I’m running the Android application and using the Tasker integration. This works really well for sending information from the phone to OpenHab, but I cannot get a profile to trigger when something changes within OpenHab.

I’m running the latest beta of the Android app, but this behaviour was present in the stable version.

I can’t see anything of note in any of the logs, but if someone has any pointers I’ll extract the information.

Currently that’s not supported and this won’t change in the near future.

Tasker action plugin included

That would be why I couldn’t get it to work, I managed to get confused between action and state as well.

I’ll figure out another solution to retrieve state from OpenHab to Tasker then, probably involving MQTT.

Thanks for letting me know.

In my experience the MQTT plugins for Tasker are not worth bothering with. You are probably better off polling the rest API from Tasker. Or look at AutoRemote. You can have oh post to the Auto Remote URL and AutiRemote in your phone would pick it up.

It’s currently not implemented for the same reason why there are no state displaying widgets.

TL;DR: It requires openhab-cloud and a new server-side api.

Ah, so quite the change then. Unfortunately probably beyond my ability to help out though. Thanks for letting me know why this is unavailable.

This became my evening, and I’ve managed to get it working. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction