Tasker to Launch Chrome Shortcut pointing to HabPanel URL

I’m trying to configure Tasker on a bunch of Samsung tablets to auto launch a Chrome shortcut to a HabPanel URL. The goal is to have the tablet reboot weekly and then have Tasker on Boot startup Chrome with HabPanel using ?kiosk=on.

I know how to get the tablet to reboot regularly but the Tasker event I’m really struggling to setup because I don’t see a way to setup a Tasker event against a shortcut (Chrome HabPanel URL). There are shortcuts defined in Tasker already but they are mostly canned android software installed they reference.

Any advise or steps would be very helpful.

Best, Jay

Can’t you just set HabPanel as the home page in Chrome? Or will it not go to the kiosk mode when you do that?

Alternatively, you can use HabPanel Viewer.

Here’s the solution after spending 8 hours finding a solution going down many rabbit holes.

Using Android Chrome ?kiosk=on doesn’t work w/o a shortcut being created on the desktop. Once you create a shortcut, there is NO Google Playstore app that can leverage that shortcut to auto start it on a reboot of the tablet.

Those OH shortcuts have an integrated OH plug-in tied to it via Chrome. Shortcuts are stored in a Android database that other apps can’t see and/or utilize them. There are a ton apps that can auto start other apps on reboot, but there aren’t any for “shortcuts”.

Here’s how to get around all this:

  1. Install Tasker
  2. Install Tasker Auto Input ( AutoInput – Tasker and Join )

Tasker Auto Input allows you to simulate pressing keys on the screen, it basically tracks the x/y coordinates on where you click on the screen and stores them as a routine.

Tasker profile is System, Boot
Tasker event is Plugin, Auto Input, use a stored routine you created above

Best, Jay