TasmoHAB - Integrate your Tasmota devices easily

I would like to introduce my program “GitHub - Gifford47/tasmohab: TasmoHAB - OpenHAB Things and Items Generator via GUI”, which I use to integrate tasmota devices in openhab smart home systems.
A big thanks goes first to jimtng with his repo “GitHub - jimtng/ohgen: OpenHAB Things and Items Generator”. This made my work possible!
The program still has potential, but I hope it will be helpful to some.
I am still filling the readme, but I hope for active participation and improvements!


Version 2.0 is out. Now it is possible to generate a complete thing and item with symantic tags from a tasmota device and add it to your instance.

here are the details:
This is a complete revision of the program. With the core commands gpio, gpios, and template 0 all GPIOs and their peripherals are now displayed.
Also, the serial process has been improved and accelerated. in addition, multiple responses to a command can now be received.

  • added ‘connection error msg’ if http connection fails
  • added comments
  • added thingid variable as global var (also in device config section)
  • added ‘location’ textfield for Group item
  • updated complete get http and serial functions to display all gpios and its peripherals (also esp32)
  • improved the serial transport of data
  • several resonses of one cmd are now also handled correctly
  • check for esp8266 or esp32
  • improved ‘send configuration’ function
  • added ‘UpdateFileName’ to update the output file names of thing and item files according to the current tasmota device
  • added cmds: gpios, gpio, template 0. these are the main usefull commands to show the configuration of ALL gpios
  • added cmds: gpios, gpio, template 0. these are the main usefull commands to show the configuration of ALL gpios
  • added ‘default’ values for measurements like temperature, humidity, etc.
  • updated templates
  • added url to tasmohab.cfg
  • fixed templates
  • added new button ‘Helpfull config urls’ to show urls defined in tasmohab.cfg
  • updated device config tasmota_s20.yaml
  • added ‘edit template’ button and its function
  • fix correct coloumns for ‘sub’-sensors
  • added bold text for headers
  • code improvements: added dict for all couloums (for future improvements)
  • replace ‘-’ with ‘_’ in thingid in yaml config
  • added tasmota S20 / basic template
  • updated function name
  • updated import ‘ohgen’

i wanted to point out that with version 3.1 it is possible to integrate tasmota devices via the openhab rest api with just a few clicks!

I would be happy if people would be found who would contribute to the templates. so the integration of many more devices would be possible!

TasmoHab - Integrate your Tasmota devices easily



  • REST API support
  • TXT File support
  • Readout of Tasmota devices
  • Inspect settings of tasmota devices
  • Display, edit and save tasmota rules
  • change tasmota settings
  • usage of tasmota backlog command
  • possibility to create and save a device config from any tasmota device and load it later on
  • display all components of the tasmota device
  • name, configure and create openhab things and items and link them together (via templates)
  • create things,items and links via text-based files (.items or .things) or via REST API
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Hi! I just came across this! :slight_smile:

I’m very curious to start using this tool, could you make a simple tutorial?

can i put it directly on the pi that my openhab automation center is installed?

Is it possible to make a network scan and create a thing file of all tasmota devices in once?

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i had a tutorial planned for a long time, but i haven’t got around to it yet… the best way is to get the data from the tasmota device first via serial or http. then you go through the tabs

no, thats not possible because you could have configuared your tasmota device different than others. But you can integrate every single device just with a few clicks.

Seems to be a very nice integration.
Will there also be a OH4 release?

TasmoHAB should work for OH4 without any changes.
Why should there by any difference?

On github it says v.3.4.
This implies for me that it is only running with OH3.4.
But ok, i will give it a try. I think there is no breaking change in the api from OH3 to OH4.

TasmoHab currently works with version 3.x and 4.x. As already said there no change in the API.

I’m writing on a mqtt implementation and a UI change to make it bit more comfortable. I try to lean on the mentioned ideas but it’s time consuming to implement all of this great features :slight_smile:

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