Tasmota Plug Binding [3.2.0;4.0.0)


I made this very simple binding to easily connect Tasmota flashed smart plugs to openHAB without having to setup mqtt or utilize complicated http binding item configurations.

The plug must report the status of the relay via the url http://$PLUG_IP/cm?cmnd=Power in order for the binding to work.

I don’t plan on submitting a PR for this binding at this time.

Supported Things

There is exactly one supported thing type, which represents any supported Tasmota smart plug.
It has the plug id.
Multiple Things can be added if more than one plug is to be controlled.


Discovery is not supported. All things must be added manually.

Thing Configuration

The thing has only two configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
hostName The host name or IP address of the plug. Mandatory.
refresh Overrides the refresh interval of the plug status. Optional, the default is 30 seconds.


There is only one channel that controls the smart plug relay:

Channel ID Item Type Description
power Switch Turns the smart plug relay ON or OFF

Full Example


tasmotaplug:plug:plug1 "Plug 1" [ hostName="", refresh=30 ]
tasmotaplug:plug:plug2 "Plug 2" [ hostName="myplug2", refresh=30 ]


Switch Plug1 "Plug 1 Power" { channel="tasmotaplug:plug:plug1:power" }
Switch Plug2 "Plug 2 Power" { channel="tasmotaplug:plug:plug2:power" }


sitemap tasmotaplug label="My Tasmota Plugs" {
    Frame label="Plugs" {
        Switch item=Plug1
		Switch item=Plug2


Version 1.0

Initial Add-on Marketplace release



Source Code: openhab-addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.tasmotaplug at tasmotaplug · mlobstein/openhab-addons · GitHub