Tasmota rgbcw bulb and google home

Came here from my setup with node red and gBridge when they closed down. I really just want a couple of rgb bulbs to run smoothly with google home.
I dont really understand the way openhab works and the docs didnt help much. In node red i could get the msg google home sends to change the bulbs and process it in node red to then send a correctly formatted msg to the bulbs with mqtt. That way i could change the warm and cold leds on the bulbs when necessary. The bulb can recieve color like, rrr,ggg,bbb,ccc,www. But i have no idea how openhab recieves the data from google home.
The one time i kinda got it to work i had 3 different bulbs in google home for one bulb.
Any help would be lovely

At a high level:

  • create Items
  • tag the Items for use by Google Assistant by adding metadata to the Item as indicated in the docs
  • tell Google Assistant to “sync devices”
  • create a Rule to translate the command from GA to the format needed by the bulb and send the command using MQTT.

I have no idea how i can see the command from GA, couldnt see anything in the log, only what openhab passes along.

The “command” from Google is the command/update received by the Item. There is no “Google assistant sent ‘turn on the light to red’” anywhere. All OH sees is 'Item MyLight received command 0,50,100`. Note, as described in the docs, the three values are HSB, not RGB.

You need to create a Rule that triggers when “MyLight” changed or received command, convert the HSB value to the RGBCW values you require, and publish that to the MQTT topic.

You only see what OH passes along because that’s all that OH ever gets.

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