Tasmota rule nodeMCU

Hi, I hope I can get help from connoisseurs.
Currently on a nodemcu I have Tasmota with a generic generic module with 4 relays and 7 buttons. (4 buttons and 4 relays) + 3 independent buttons that are installed as magnetic sensors on the doors. The point is that as long as the mqtt server is turned on everything works fine. As soon as I switch off the buttons 5 6 and 7 go to activate relay 1 together with button 1.

Are the MQTT messages that were used to command those relays send with the retained flag set? If so, every time the NodeMCU restarts it will receive those messages again.


so I have to write button retain 0 ?

Hello! I solved by follw this:

I added
Switchmode1 2 (for every switch)
switch retain ON
Power retain1
Power on state 3
This is my config for 2 blinds and 3 magnetic contact

Thank you. This is very useful information