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Having some issues and I’m pretty sure it’s down to my configuration. I’ve got a wemos d1 setup with 1 relay and an input from a magnetic door contact. These are both working fine on the tasmota gui. When I connect them to openhab the relay is working perfectly so I can press activate on my sitemap on the garage door and it opens and closes. There part I have an issue with is the magnetic contact. The contact is setup as a switch on the tasmota and controls a dummy relay showing at POWER2 Here is my configuration, can anyone see if I’ve made a mistake please.


Switch item=Garage_Door_Opener mappings=[ON="Activate"]
Switch item=Garage_Door_Opener_Status mappings=[OFF="Open", ON="Closed"]


Thing mqtt:topic:Garage_Door_Opener "Garage Opener" (mqtt:broker:MQTTBroker) {
Type switch : relay1 "Power" [
Type switch : relay2  "Door Contact" [



Switch Garage_Door_Opener "Garage Opener" <garagedoor> [ "Switchable" ] {channel="mqtt:topic:Garage_Door_Opener:relay1"}
Switch Garage_Door_Opener_Status "Garage Status" <garagedoor> {channel="mqtt:topic:Garage_Door_Opener:relay2"}

Thank you in advance

Output from tasmota

What’s the problem you’re experiencing?

What version of openHAB?

Can’t seem to get the status of power2 read into openhab. Using openhab 3.3.0

Nothing looks immediately wrong with the configuration.

Have you restarted? If not, deliberately corrupt the Things file (remove a } from somewhere), and save it. Then un-corrupt it (put the } back) and save again.

That should clear up any Thing file read issues.

Restarted openhab and it’s now working fine! Sorry for wasting your time. I’ll do this in future. If I think my configuration is correct

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