Tasmota, Wemos D1 Mini and WS2812 RGB LED Stip questions

Hello everybody,

I hope anyone here can help me, because I was not able to find any better place to post this question, regarding the Tasmota firmware and the WS2812 module in general.

I’m controlling a strip of WS2812 LEDs with a Wemos D1 Mini running Tasmota. This works fine so far. When I select the according WS2812 module in the configuration, a brightness slider and Toggle-Button appears on the configuration website. I also can change the led pattern/color with some console commands. I now would like to add only a few more buttons to the slider on the webinterface, so I can quickly change the pattern/color or similar. I do not want to add an extra server, if possible…

Is there any way to modify this WS2812 module?

Thanks in advance,

which “webinterface” are you talking about?
Basic UI, Habpanel, or Tasmota?


I think I might mean the Tasmota webinterface, also shown on the last two images on this page

Then this not really an OpenHAB topic. You should ask the question to the tasmota guys.
Please refer to you the according channels at Tasmota Github.
I think, you can realise this by defining additional switches and use backlog commands.
For further finetuning, (e.g. giving the buttons a name), you need Arduino programming skills, as you have to fork the tasmota software and programm your own buttons.
But you can also do this in OpenHAB by defining items, that send the required MQTT message(s) to your tasmota device and define buttons in a habpanel, that trigger these items.
Hope, this helps.