Tcl with google tv os

Hello everyone,

I’ve just bought a tcl tv and I found out that the 50 in I bought isn’t with Roku like the 42 but with google tv. Is there a binding to control this tv with openhab (mainly on/off)?

Thank you

If it’s Google TV it probably appears as a Chromecast. There isn’t a power Channel though so you can’t directly control the TV power from OH.

I’ve moved to Google TV dongles from Roku and I use a routine in Google Home to turn off the TV at a fixed time which is sufficient for my purposes. If you need more, Tasker or OrangeAssist - Google Assistant Integration would probably be required, until such point that Google Routines support being triggered based on device events.

Oh, no power channel? That’s a bummer since it’s the main thing I wanted. Oh well, already paid for the google tv. Let’s hope someday it work!

You can open an issue on the Chromecast binding (in the openhab-addons repo) as a feature request to add a popwer Channel, assuming that’s even possible, meaning Google’s API supports it.

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