TCP Binding issues

Just getting started with OH2 and i’m already on the verge of giving up on openhab. I managed to get my mqtt devices working but i have an RGBW bulb which gets commands from its UDP port. After fiddling around with mappings and tcp config i managed to send commands. But the commands must be sent as hex. this is my mappings file:
The problem is when i switch on or off, FF and EF bytes are sent as 3F no matter what i tried i can’t send FF or EF values… I really dont know what to try out of ideas here. I simply cant switch on or off the device let alone RGB or dimming…

In OH1, the default TCP text encoding is ASCII. I don’t know if that’s the case in OH2 but, if so, it would explain why the upper bits in the bytes are not there. If this is the problem, you’d need to configure a different text encoding (e.g., UTF8?).

Thank you for your input. Neither UTF8 nor UTF16 did it for me. Been able to get all codes using latin1 charset. :slight_smile: