TCP binding listen to broadcast


To update the status of my lights I would need to listen to a broadcast message that is sent by a relay module.
The only thing the supplier mentioned is that there is a broadcast sent out. :slight_smile:
But I’m not sure how I can listen to it and what information (port, source ip, …) I need to listen to it.

Is it possible with the TCP Binding?

Kind Regards

Possibly :wink:

But you’d need more information from the supplier about the protocol/message.

Definitely not, because TCP does not support broadcasts. But the UDP binding could probably help you, as soon as you know on which port it is broadcasted and which protocol the message is encoded in.

I should have been more clear. But they are using a UDP broadcast. :slight_smile:
I asked the supplier for some more details. Could you already explain how I can listen to it?

I got some more information from the supplier.
It seems that I need to send on regular intervals a message to the different modules to notify them that my raspberry pi is the “master” module.

After that, the input module will send all inputs to the master and I need to take the correct actions.
Could somebody explain how I can setup this listener? I will receive an ASCII message which tells me which input has been triggered. Based on that, I can turn lights on or off.