Tcp error

Ubuntu installation (not sure if that matters here).
Using the tcp/udp binding to get messages from my Elk security system. I get this error whenever I receive a message:

Error while executing background thread TCP Refresh Service java.lang.NullPointerException: null

But the funny thing is, I still get the actual message, and I can still do stuff with the message. So other than getting this error message in my log, everything seems to be working fine.

Here’s my tcp.cfg file


And here’s how I am getting the TCP message:

String ElkString “Elk String [%s]” { tcp=">[’’]"}

I’ve also tried

String ElkString “Elk String [%s]” { tcp=">[‘REGEX((.*))’]"}

as I have seen this in the docs and forum postings here, but this also still generated the same error message.

Anyone have any ideas about this error message? Should I just ignore it since everything seems to be working?