TCP issues, please help

i am on a pi. how do i do a touch that tou are speaki g of

rule "workaround tcp issue"
    System started
    Thread::sleep(10000) // wait 10 seconds
    executeCommandLine("touch@@/etc/openhab/conf/services/tcp.cfg") // path correct?

hthank tpu very much, hopefully this works! been pulling my hair out!

another question you may know the answer to. when my connection to my device connects, i get an input of “HELLO”, which just mesns tge device is connected. i get a warning, which doesnt effect the use of the device, but shows many time over and over. am i able to take that hello statement and turn it into a label daying the device is connected, that way the warning will go away.

this didnt work. ahould i see it happen in the logs?

made a test and actually have to make a change in tcp.cfg, then save it. cant just open it, then close it.

seems like this is the same issue a lot of binding are having.

i have messaged the peraon i thought is the maintainer, but he has not got back with me, and that was a week ago.

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this is not executing. i have another rule that does execute, so i know its getting loaded. i wrote it exactly as you said with the exception of the path…my file is at /opt/openhab/conf/services/openhab.cfg

all tcp configs are unhashed in openhab.cfg