TCP to IFTTT gateway?

I setup the latest OpenHAB (2.2) using a Pine64 board and the OpenHABian distribution. That went fine, including having it update itself using its config tool and such. Now I’m digging in to OpenHAB a bit. Problem is it’s a little…overwhelming. That’s good, that means it can do a LOT, which is cool. My problem is I also do a LOT already and really only need OpenHAB for a small piece (at least now).

To give a rough idea, my complex is a couple hundred acres, many buildings linked with a mix of fiber and wifi networking (I mean everywhere has wifi, but some of my building-to-building links are wifi as well). Some buildings have things like Vantage lighting throughout along with other automation devices, some buildings have Insteon stuff, and many other things exist. Much of the automation I want to do has been done and redone. Some is working fine, some needs help, etc. Anyway, my point is my place is too big to think of in terms of “let’s map the whole thing into OpenHAB and make it all work that way.” This isn’t my full time job, and I don’t want it to be.

My current need is for a piece of glue to integrate a system that only has a rudimentary TCP gateway (I can telnet into it, issue a basic command, done) to IFTTT. Is there any documentation on doing something simple like this with OpenHAB? In addition to IFTTT control, I’m assuming I will also be able to trigger OpenHAB with other universal type remote applications like iRule or Simple Remote, so pointers on that would be welcome.

I feel like if I can get into it enough to get these kinds of things done, I can late build on that with other integrations that will need to move from other aging devices (I have an Indigo install as well that I’d like to get rid of that does some glue-things, for example).

Thanks for any pointers on docs that streamline this.


The path for doing so with openhab would be:

  1. Integrate your TCP-based system with openhab
  2. Configure an item in openhab that will issue the correct command to your device
  3. Connect your openhab instance with using openHAB Cloud Connector
  4. Integrate with IFTTT using the openhab applet

Thanks. Looks like someone has done the integration before based on this thread:

(And you can see where I’ve already reached out…looks like the OP is active here, so hopefully I don’t have to reinvent this.) So working on step one. Looks like the info is there and I could do it myself if I have to, but will wait a bit and see. Thanks. I’ll try to update this thread as I work through this in case others have the same issue.


Alright, many thanks to @KidSquid who walked me through the OpenHab config including the magic sauce needed for TCP control of Vantage InFusion. And within a few minutes of getting OpenHab to control Vantage, I setup the cloud connector and then connected it to IFTTT and now I have control over my outside lights from anywhere in the world.

This stuff is cool. Thanks for the pointers and help!