Techem Binding - M-Bus

I’m a beginner with openhab2 and would like to integrate my Techem meter for heating, hot- and cold-water. All three have a M-Bus interface which allows Techem to measure my usage remotely. Is there an openhab2 binding which supports this M-Bus?

Has anyone experience with integrating these meters?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Manuel,

I have no experience with the Techem devices and as far as i know there is no native M-Bus Binding existing currently.

Anyways you could check if there is a Gateway that fits your needs and translates to a protocol openHAB can understand.

For example Wachendorff is offering several M-Bus Gateway solutions.
Ethernet, MQTT or BACNet translation are only a few examples.

Always worth to mention with m-bus is “Relay”, who ware offering hardware and diagnostic software like mbsheet to have a direct look on the m-bus.

Maybe you can also find some information about the topic an
(I think Wachendorf is the main distributor for adfweb in germany.)

What i found with a quicksearch is who seem to offer a head for raspbery pi.
This may be a low cost solution but needs some work and effort from your side.

I had some experiences with Wachendorff/ADFWeb Hardware in the past an the device configuration is straight forward after getting some knowledge about the envioronment and topology

Hello Jerome
Thank you very much for your detailed answer. Unfortunately this seems to be not very easy. Is there a chance to have a M-Bus binding some day? Are there any intentsions?

Either way I have to check with Techem first because all M-Bus wires are sealed for security reason so the customer can’t manipulate the meters. What a cheek! This are my data.

Greetings Manuel

I can’t tell you much about this.
If yomeone who is able to program it has the need and puts in some effort, there wil be some.
I have seen some libs for mbus durig a quick search, but the main effert seems to be getting the hardware connected and talking to openHAB.

Hello Jerome
Thank you very much for your answer. I think Techem just made it impossible anyway for me because they won’t give me access to the M-Bus interfaces. In my installation at home all meters are sealed with lead and I won’t break them up. Otherwise Techem will make me responsible for the whole M-Bus in the building block if I break something.

Of course they have an own Smart Metering solution which they are trying to sell to the customers. I would prefer to have my data on my openhabianpi and not somewhere in the cloud.

Greetings Manuel

There is a wireless m-bus binding which you can check out New Binding: Wireless M-Bus / Techem heat cost allocators :slight_smile:
Based on the story from above thread you can find that Techem uses its own coding and in case of radio frames simply reports one big binary blob. Normal devices report measurements in separate fields according to european norm (heat usage, flow temperature etc)
The “security reason” argument they have is one thing, however lack of information from them how to get permitted to read such a thing is other.
For my own setup I’ve chosen different manufacturer which is aligned with standards.

I have a plan (among many others) to work on m-bus integration, however my chronic lack time is a blocker. I already have rs232/mbus master adapter and heat meter with m-bus output and hope to get it covered at some point of next year…
The bright side - depending on your technical abilities - the jmbus lib used in wm-bus binding supports also serial communication and it is compatible with m-bus as well. Thus adopting the binding should be possible.

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