Technische Alternative, UVR1611, CMI

I have seen at the old discussion group that Timo has started a binding for the CMI of Technische Alternative (to connect to an UVR1611).

Unfortunately I do not find any file somewhere at all. Any idea how to contact Timo?
Has somebody successfully connected & exchanged values from a CMI / UVR1611 with Openhab?

Thanks for help,

Hi Patti,

my Bindung has been merged last Sunday. I also added a Wiki page. It 's the TA CMI binding.
I have to say though that I only have the UVR 16X2. Therefore I cannot say if the binding works properly with the 1611. But since the binding only communicates with the CMI I don’t see why this should not work.
I would appreciate if you could give me some feedback.


I’m completly new here.
I have installed openhab a few days ago and have already good experiencies and results from my KOSTAL PIKO inverter into openhab sitemap.
Now i’m struggeling with the TA CMI binding. I have tested a few different settings but i’m not able to receive values from the CMI and UVR1611.

Has anybody experiencies ?
Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Stefan,

The first thing that you should to is running a tool like tcpdump or Wireshark to see if the CMI is sending anything to your server.
In the web page of the CMI you should see the configured values under the Stars tab and then the CoE.


is this binding running under OH2 as well?

Why did you use the can bus over ethernet (CoE) and not the modbus TCP.?

Is it because you didn’t find documentation about the CMI modbus interface?

Hi Timo,
I have several sites equipped with UVR1611 and UVR16x2’s. Long ago I would use either fixed IP addresses or DynDNS to contact my BL-Net boxes, and then switched to the CMI and the web portal, doing away with the more and more complicated ways of getting direct IP links set up for free, or even getting them refused on satellite links.
I have a bigger project that I would like to do with something like OpenHab (although it is bigger than just a home, rather a lot of buildings), and I need a central platform that can read data from various existing systems, among which a few UVR1611’s and UVR16x2’s - i.e. CMI’s.
Do I understand correctly that I would need a direct incoming IP link at every CMI location, like before I started using the TA web portal?


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