Tedee smart lock - anyone?

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Hi everybody,

is there anyone with experience with the tedee smart lock?

For smart locks most people here want the added security of local control.

Cloud based services increase the chance of hackers getting your security and personal information.

Cloud based services especially from a new company, can be discontinued at any time leaving you with a dumb product.

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That’s true.
I preferr local stuff as well and discontinuation is a problem (like with nello).

What I like about it though:

  1. It’s from an experienced Door security company teaming up with an IoT company.
  2. Mangetic micro-usb charging cable to connect to the lock without opening and changing batteries.

It’s not easy to find a proper device (no dead lock - I live in Germany) with these features:
integration into OH
unlock / lock remotely
add / remove access rights
see status of lock
battery life 4+ months including report of battery level.

That is surprising with Wi-Fi. Unlike Z-Wave & Zigbee, Wi-Fi is not designed for low battery usage. the protocol itself has a lot of overhead.

I know @sihui lives in Germany. Perhaps he has some good ideas for you.

Unfortunately not.
I am also looking for a smart lock but was not able to find good hardware.

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Thanks, @sihui.
What about the Dana Smart lock?

If I would buy one this would be currently my first choice.

Mine too - thanks, this possibly triggers / confirms my decision to buy one :slight_smile:

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Just to make you aware of it:
tedee claims to work on a local API running on the bridge.

However, I decided to go for a Danalock (6-12 Months battery lifetime)
@sihui: It would be interesting though what made you NOT buying one?
Any show stopper on the available devices?

After research of multiple options (tedee, Nuki, Keymatic, Yale, …) I came to the conclusion, that Dana is a good fit for my use case.

The fact that it needs a battery. I am looking for a DC powered driven one.

I agree - battery driven devices reduce significantly the benefits of home automation if you need to replace them too often.
That’s why I found the tedee interesting (usb chargable if needed - see video at minute 2:35).

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After looking up some details on the website (here f.e.), i think the tedee smartlook does not communicate via IP but bluetooth only. You need the bridge to make it cloudy.

Question is, what it takes to enable openHAB to communicate to the smartlock via bluetooth or - unprefered because of extra hardware - to communicate with the bridge. Then: stop the bridge being cloudy. That’ll mean, you can’t close your door in the US while visiting Africa via the tedee app. But you might use myopenhab …

I think this to be a nice device. The rechargable battery and the way the usb-cable is built to fall off, when the smartlock rotates (magnetically, not magically though) show that this was not a quick shot of a developer new to smart locks.

The only thing i miss is a way to keep my installed cylinder, which is part of a system. And the price is higher than danalock’s z-wave version.

That’s the point.
If the bridge (if local API on it is available) I could connect to the bridge with REST, curl or whatever and control it from OH.
But because it still WITH cloud, I have chosen the Danalock

You can connect to Danalock v3 dc to where the batteries are. It is working great.


But it does not look nice, does it? :wink:
So I think the tedee solution for recharging every now and then with a magnetic cable is a good approach.

I have tedee smart lock - anyone get connect with openhab?

i find plugin for homebridge

so at black week time, I ordered full package of tedee smart lock with a new lock and the bridge coming from danalock v3 bt & zwave.

the main reason why I switched was that, at least, my danalock has issues with they security key which needs to be manually refreshed every 1-2 days manually via the app. the community and official support of danalock manufacture is sooo bad. I wrote 3 mails in over 5 weeks and I got NO response. it feels like they are totally dead.

tedee has a cloud rest api which works great. as far as I know a local rest api will follow. currently I included the tedee smartlock with the bridge in openhab with external php scripts I’m calling. An openhab binding would be great to have :slight_smile:

the smart lock itself is really small (~4cm diameter) and compared to danalock and nuki, the motor is very silent.

Tedee looks good but also a bit like Nuki? Not sure what the difference is. Does the Tedee closes as fast as it shows in the promo video? I also came across LOQED, it’s a more integrated solution and completely keyless. Haven’t made up my mind yet but I like the fact is has an in and outdoor sensor.

Anyone experience with them?

Hi, i just changed to Tedee from Danalock , also v3 bt&z-wave, because of exactly the same reasons as you.
Right now i was looking for a possibility to integrate it into my OpenHab.
you wrote that you’re using a PHP script to integrate it with OpenHab, would you mind to share it?

thanks in advance