Tekmar heating controls and Fujitsu split A/C

Hello. New to this forum, New to OpenHAB entirely. I’ve been looking at automation solutions and have a few questions about hardware interfacing with OpenHAB.

The heat in my house is run by a Tekmar controller, which manages everything. The controller has available for it either a serial or a usb interface and there are drivers for some commercial home autatiom systems. I’m wondering if anyone has written drivers for it for OpenHAB. I’d really rather not reinvent the wheel…

Additionally, the house has Fujitsu ductless A/C. 2 external units connected to 8 internal units. Does anyone have a good solution for integrating control of these? I’ve seen some products that seem to be IR blasters, but those would need to be one per room. Are there any solutions that can be connected to the outdoor units to control the lot? I don’t know if the units have that sort of capability. If it has to be IR, that’s fine, what solutions have people gotten to work?


Re-activating this post…
I’m planning to install a new hydronic heating system using a TEKMAR control. I contacted Tekmar about availability of API access and got the same reply as Juliean already posted above.

They pointed me to the specification of their protocol:

I’m not a programmer myself, but I’m willing to pay somebody to help me develop a binding for this. And once it’s done it would be contributed to the community for everybody to use.

Is anybody else interested in using Tekmar controls??

Are there any developers around who may be interested helping me develop this?