Telegesis ZigBee configuration options?

In an effort to further troubleshoot my ZigBee Sengled issues, I’ve acquired a Telegesis USB dongle in addition to the Nortek. I’ve unplugged the Nortek and configured the Telegesis.

  1. It is unclear what “Telegesis Dongle Password” is for?
  2. There appears to be no way to configure the Network Security Key as is possible with the Ember coordinators?

Thus far I have no luck at all getting anything to join the Telegesis PAN :frowning:

in the same stage, help anyyone? :slight_smile:

Ignore it - if you don’t know what it’s for, then just leave it as it is and it will be fine :slight_smile:

Strange that this was missed, but it does appear to be correct at this time. At the moment it will just use a system random key.