Telegram Binding and multiple answer options

I’m trying to add a “switch light on” feature to my Telegram bot, which is supposed to allow me to select the light from a list of options the bot presents. However the output is not usable. Here is the code in question:

telegramAction.sendTelegramQuery(Long::parseLong(telegramLastMessageChatId.state.toString), "Lights:", Lights_ReplyId, "Light 1", "Light 2", "Light 3", "Light 4", "Light 5", "Light 6", "Light 7", "Light 8", "Light 9", "Light 10")

And the result in Telegram is this:

Is there a way that the bot can wrap the answer options into multiple lines?

Check if the lines are wrapped by adding \n to the end of each light entry.

s_ReplyId, "Light 1\n", "Light 2\n", "Light 3\n", "Light 4\n", "Light 5\n", "Light 6\n", "Light 7\n", "Light 8\n", "Light 9\n", "Light 10\n")

This unfortunately does not break the output up in several lines. It’s still one long line, unreadable.

I see. Then the only thing that comes up to my mind is you could either strip down the choices to be displayed to the numbers to make the output as small as possible or to send multiple choices e.g. first for Light 1, Light 2, Light 3 then for Light 4, Light 5, Light 6.

You could also add additional step like Lights Upstairs or Downstairs

Try \r

That also does not work. More exactly: still the same small buttons in one row.

I have the same issue, any way to resolve?

waiting for implementation of:

which then should look like Bots: An introduction for developers