Telegram Binding sharing bots messages

The telegram binding is working an I can send messages to my bot: Reiniopenhab.
I can also receive the messages on my smartphone. This are primarly Alarm messages.
I want that my wife can receive them too. On her telegram app the Reinopenhab bot is available, but she does not receive the messages and can’t send messages to the bot.
Has anyone an idea who she can receve the message?

I have added the bot to a group and my wife and me are members of the group.

Thank you! I made a group OpenHAB and added my wife, me and the bot as members. The group says that my wife are online, but that the bot has no access to messages. How could I change that?

I have set the privacey to "Disabled. Now my bot in the group has access to messages, but my wife still doesn’t get any.

Let her write a message to the bot
In the openhab log you will find her ChatID. You insert this into the chatbot Thing.
Then she will receive messages from the bot without Group.

Thank you, that worked!
I had to remove the group before and my chat ID from the sendTelegram code line.

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