Telegram bot in group chat

I have created a Telegram bot and it writes in the chat with me. Is it possible to change the chat id to a group chat. It would be easier than creating a bot for everyone in my house.

Yes of course you can. I use it. You need to use the chatid of the group.


Just a quick info for others who might read this.
Sending to a group chat is easy. You have to:

  • Get the group ID the same way you get the UserID
  • Just open Telegram add and add your bot to the group
  • Then check URL:<token>/getUpdates
  • search for the chat: item and note down the ID. It should be a negative number
    sample: ,"chat":{"id":-123456789,"title":"MyGroup"...
  • Use this ID to configure openhab.cfg

Works flawlessly.


Hi Sebastian,
I am new to bots in telegram.i was able to add a bot to a group i have but i cant manage to get the group interact with the bot. i want the bot give buttons in the group chat so everyone can interact with . is this possible?
Gil -

I’m not aware that you cant tell openhab something via Telegram.
The addon is informational purpose only. Feeding messages to external rather than receiving messages and acting on those. Would be a great addition indeed.

Hi @waitz_sebastian thanks for this informations. i hope i am “allowed” to ask this here: i have successfully opended a Bot, and he sends me messages to my account. I created a group, i put the bot in, and activated him as admin.
But i am not sure where to configure this new chat group with the ID to my openhab2 via visual studio code. Do i have to put this chat id of the group additionally to the general telegram.cfg, or just in the rules using messages to this group?
I tried both, and nothing worked. :frowning:

Hey @EnergieS, You have to update your telegram.cfg in services folder. Just add the group as a second bot to “bots” variable which is comma separated.
Than than add a another chatID like this:

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