Telegram - How to send image from MotioneyeOS

(Tobus) #1

I have a active MotioneyeOS camera in my network.
How can I send a image using “sendTelegramPhoto”? I tried it several times, but now I have no clue.


(Dennis Von Der Bey) #2

It’s documented here.

(Tobus) #3

I’m aware of this description, but it doesnt help in my case.
The MotionEye provides me two links:
Streaming URL
Embed URL

But what I want is only a jpg or png so the two links doesnt work for me.

(Chiny) #4

The motionEyeOS Settings/Video Streaming section should have a third URL, just above the two quoted. The missing one is called “Snapshot URL” and be of the form:
http://IPaddress/picture/cam number/? [user/pass stuff in base64] .

If the third link is not there, hmm, reboot or re-install, especially if old version. ISTR that if your single cam is defined as a “Simple MJPEG cam” lots of options are missing but I suspect this is not your issue.

I’m not currently using SnapShot but did a year or so back and it worked fine.