Telegram Message group.members.filter - SHOW LABEL

Hello all,

I need your help again… I would like to have a telegram message sent to me, in which all open windows are listed.

I have so far the following:

sendTelegram("bot1", "Fenster " + gWindow.members.filter[i | i.state==OPEN] + " ist offen" )

Unfortunately, this way I get the group member with all properties (Type, State, Label, Category, etc.) displayed. I would prefer to have only the label displayed.

Since it can also happen that several items are OPEN, a listing of the labels (names) would be bursting.

Does anyone have experience? Would be very pleased.


Take a look at the “Tutorial & Examples” section. Your scenario is described there.

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Thanks, that worked for me!
But do you know how to prevent the output NULL? Did not find anything for that.