Telldus Door sensor missing from Z-Wave database?


I already created an issue into Github about this: Telldus Door sensor missing from database · Issue #1630 · openhab/org.openhab.binding.zwave · GitHub

It seems like I bought a version of Telldus TZDW-100 that is not recognized in the database. Or it’s a completely new door sensor, who knows. The only unique device identification I’ve found is 15110. Anyway, it’s a very simple battery operated door sensor, all relevant logs in the github issue.

I’m happy to add this into database but I haven’t done this before. I’m actually in a bit of rush, my old Philio door sensors stopped working and couldn’t get them to work so I bought these Telldus sensors as replacement (the only Z-Wave door sensors I could get my hands on immediately). It’s a part of my security system and we are going for a long trip tomorrow so… Yeah.

Like said, I can add the necessary details myself and compile the whole thing and run a snapshot if needed (I’m a java dev of 15 years of experience). I just need this thing added fast. :slight_smile:

That will be the quickest option. You can find the documentation here -:

Once this is done it can be added to the snapshot binding within a day or so.

Cheers! I’ll look into this after I get back home. Right now I’m not where my sensors and setup is.

Is there a way to test the database with OpenHAB before commiting it in? So I wouldn’t have to do this blind. I (very) quickly glanced over the document you linked but couldn’t see any information regarding this.

No - not without building the binding yourself.

Ok. As a long time suggestion it might be a useful feature to enable this capability. I would guess this would improve device database coverage quite a bit after some time. :slight_smile:

What capability? Do you mean allowing people to create their own thing definitions in files or something? If so, this isn’t really possible - it’s not something the binding can easily do as this functionality comes from the OH core. To implement this in the binding would require rewriting a lare chunk of the core code unfortunately.

OK,finally got back to this. Tried to retrieve the XML file for the sensor but for some strange reason it doesn’t seem to be generated into {userdata}/zwave folder (using openhab 3). Is there some way to export the XML via REST API or similar? All I’m seeing is JSON response types and that data isn’t looking exactly correct anyway. Also I would accept a way to force the recreation of all zwave device xmls.

No - if it doesn’t exist in the folder, then it can’t be exported in any format (since the information is unknown :wink: ).

If the XML is not in the folder, the binding will automatically create them. However, it won’t create the file if it can’t communicate with the device (since it has no information to save) so your problem probably lies in getting communication working.

I guess this is a battery device, and probably the device needs to be woken up.

Interesting. Considering I have zero XML files there currently and whole bunch of devices working correctly. I’m running OpenHAB on Docker and I’m using volume mounts. I’m 99% certain that is working as it should since logs etc are all being written as expected. So basically it should write those XML files the moment there’s some kind of communication going on? This is not happening right now.

I also opened a shell directly into the container and checked it’s local filesystem. That too doesn’t have any Z-Wave XML files. So, still open for suggestions :slight_smile:

No - not the moment there is any communication - only once the binding starts to recieve data as part of the interview it performs. This is a specific function the binding will perform to initialise devices.

Ok cool, that explains it. So, in order to get the XML appear I need to unpair it from controller and then pair it again?

No - don’t unpair it - that will not help and will just cause you more work. The binding will perform the interview when it doesn’t know anything about a device and will then write the XML.

Hmm. But apparently it does know something. I’ve deleted the thing several times and then added it again from inbox but that didn’t help.

Maybe I should do a clean install of OpenHAB to a different computer and try that?

Maybe you are looking in the wrong place for the XML files - I don’t really know - sorry.

No worries. Just asking if I was doing something obviously stupid. I’m almost 100% certain that I’m looking in the right place but one never knows… Logs at least are being written to that userdata folder and chmod privileges are correct. But I’ll keep on debugging and will write here if I find the reason.

You could check the logs - during startup of the binding it will write an error if it can’t open the XML.

Oh one more thing when you have time (definitely do this only when you are bored or something): could you point me to that piece of code that is responsible of this in Github? Would help debugging a ton if I could read the code that is responsible for this. I can find this myself too but after some time looking around it was not immediately obvious.

I guess by “this” you mean the initialisation? If so the initialisation code that performs the interview is below -:

I ended up recreating everything from scratch to ensure system is absolutely clean (still had some leftovers from old versions from which I upgraded). All other devices created XML files as expected but not these Telldus Door Sensors. They do appear in the debug logs and they do send command class messages which OpenHAB understands.

I’ve reached out to Telldus support for help in hope that they would feel it important enough to get their devices to work with OpenHAB. I asked for technical manuals which would contain detailed information about their Z-Wave support (especially command classes). Since I’m not a premium customer it might take a while for them to respond. Let’s see how this goes.

Are they battery devices? If yes, at the bottom of the UI Thing page there needs to be a line for “reconfigure the device” above the “heal Device”, if that is missing the device needs to be woken until that appears. The Xml will also appear at that time. If not battery, I have no idea.