Telldus-live items config - resolved


I have configured openHAB with telldus-live and have all my devices from telldus.
I can add them via Paper-UI and control them.

BUT, I cant figure out how to place the in a specific “room” with a XXX.items file.
I have tried quite a few versions in my .items file:
Group gFF “Nedre våningen” [ “home-group” ]
Group FF_Corridor “Korridor” (gFF)
Switch Light_FF_Corridor_Ceiling “Korridorsbelysning” (FF_Corridor, Lights) {tellstick=“Aplampan:Command”}
Switch Light_FF_Corridor_Ceiling “Korridorsbelysning” (FF_Corridor, Lights) {channel=“tellstick:switch:1:865123:Command”}
etc, etc

Aplampan = name of device in Telldus-live
865123 = id of device in Telldus-live

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure if I understood your question, but I’ll give it a shot.
Openhab does not work with rooms, like other home automation systems. Openhab uses groups and the sitemap to make the item viewable in subsections, where you can, for instance, separate the items into “rooms”. This can be done multiple ways.
Either you can add a line:

Text item=FF_Corridor

to your sitemap and it will make a subsection with all the items in that group. This works, but limits your options when it comes to edit specific view options.
I personally like to make it manually:

Text label="Corridor First floor" {
   Switch item=Light_FF_Corridor_Celing
   Switch item=Light_FF_Corridor_Wall

Hope this answers your question.
I did not test these codes, but there should not be any errors from them…


Thank you for the quick response!

What I really ment is how to put a Tellstick-net device in a specific subgroup and give it a proper name.
When I go to Configuration - Things in Paper-UI I can add the device to a group and give it a name (which to me looks like a sub-group).
If you look at the picture attached, number 1 is a sub-group named “Vardagsrum” in the group “Entreplan”. In the sub-group “Vardagsrum” I have manually added some dummy entries, one of them named “Aplampan”. All of this is configured in my .items file.
Number 2 is the actual Tellstick-net device added via Configuration - Things, and added to the group “Entreplan”. As you can see in the picture it’s added with the name “switch” in a group called “Aplampan”.
Basicly I want number 2 to look like number 1 (no pun intended).

Since adding a Tellstick-net device via Paper-UI doesn’t make a entry in the .items file I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to address the device if I want it in a sub-group (see my first post in this topic).


Ah, I see you OH2. I have very little experience with this version, especially the Paper-UI.
I would guess that if you make Aplampan part of the group Vardagsrum, it should end up in the right group.
If this does not work, I do not know.


I just finally figured it out!!!
After 725 tries (at least what it feels like :wink: ) I found the right combination:
{channel=“tellstick:switch:1:865123:state” }
This is the way to address the right Tellstick-net device.
Look at “Paper-UI - Configuration - Things” and click on a device to find out which number (channel) to use.

Now I can start to organize my Telldus-live stuff in the right sub-groups…

Thank you for trying to help. Hope this topic save someone else from getting a headache…



Sorry to reply on such an old topic ;-)… i have telldus Net, and have been searching for a way for openhab to use Telldus live… how did you do it… i can’t finde the info anywhere…


Hi Conny, a swede like me :slight_smile:

How did you get your telldus equipments into OH.? I have the bridge online, but my on/off switches i cant get them into OH.

Best regards Jerry

Sorry to say, but I have switched to homeassistant since a while back now and I don’t look back. HA is the way forward. If honestly can’t remember what the solution was.



Den lör 9 mars 2019 22:47Jerry via openHAB Community skrev:

Oki, thanks for the help anyway. I think OH is a bit simpler to use than HA, but i´m thinking to go back to HA just for telldus.