Telldus live items

(Jerry) #1

I have installed my Telldus stick V2 in Telldus live. All of my switches are in my account at Telldus live, how do i get them inot OH.?
My Telldus live is installed with string in .things:

Bridge tellstick:telldus-live:2 "Tellstick ZWave" [publicKey="XXX", privateKey="YYYY", token= "ZZZZ", tokenSecret="UUUU"]

But my units dont show up in OH.

Best regards Jerry

(Vincent Regaud) #2

Is it ONLINE in the paperUI?

(Jerry) #3

The bridge is, not the power plugs will show up.

(Jerry) #4

vzorglub: no other ideas?

(Vincent Regaud) #5

No sorry I don’t know that binding

(Rossko57) #6

What does the binding have to say for itself in openhab.log ?