Tellstick binding for OpenHab2

Yes, that is important. Or else you get into trouble :wink:
Not sure about your things.

Yep, my things are still working. The rainsensor is not working very well though… It has got channels for rainrate and total rain so I tried connecting an item. Now the thing has status OFFLINE - HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR, don’t really know what happened. The item shows value -NaN. I got a stacktrace in the log,

Tried again with log level info, might give you more info:

I fixed the error you fund in the logs, please try to download again.

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You’re the greatest! Works like a charm now. Thanks a lot!


After a couple of weeks of tinkering with openhab have to say an amazing work you’ve done with it!
I just got Tellstick Net v2 in addition to my razberry controls. Binding works well with Telldus live, but anxiously waiting for the local API support so we could get rid of the unnecessary roundtrip and maybe reduce the lag a bit.

One question regards the Tellstick Binding:
Is there a way to force update from rules/scripts to check statuses from Telldus Live? I would rather do more frequent status checks after a change is made, than keep polling Telldus every few seconds.
Say, I have a power outlet switch, when I turn it on, the state of the item goes back to off and is only updated to “on” after the next poll to telldus. If the sync was done 1 sec after each state change (or command to telldus live) the lag would be minimal and we wouldn’t need to knock on Telldus Live site so frequently all the time


I’m new on OpenHAB, runs it on a Pine64 with the bundled package ( and have the binding to Telldus (2.0). It works, but, rather regular all devices goes offline for a while before going online again, like every 10 minutes or so, from “events.log”:

2017-03-02 14:00:52.865 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘tellstick:switch:2ffb74ce:1528586’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR)

same for each and every device I have managed by my Telldus ZNet V2.

It seems very strange if I should have such frequent Internet connectivity issue, I can ping -t and don’t have a drop for hours. Is it possible to connect to local API (in ZNet V2) instead of using API for Live! service?


I have seen something similar, I will try to investigate. I could do a retry before deciding that there is a communication error

I have created a new version that should retry 3 times before deciding to make the bridge/item offline.
This version also supports the refresh command, just send REFRESH to any tellstick live item and it will trigger a refresh from telldus live.

I have a problem with the binding. All five switches works, but when I execute a rule where four of them gets sendcommand OFF, I get a lot of errors and it takes at least a couple of minutes before all the lights are of. Same happens when I set the Lights group switch off. I use the latest snapshot, installed on a raspberry pi.

Here is a part of the log, efter the last error it’s just confirmations of sendCommands. Does anyone understand what’s happening? :slight_smile:

16:50.668 [ERROR] [andler.core.TelldusCoreBridgeHandler] - Fail
d to send msg:OFF to TellstickDevice [deviceId=45, name=vardagsrum
status=2, deviceType=DEVICE, data=null]
org.tellstick.device.TellstickException: vardagsrum: Could not con
ect to the Telldus Service
at org.openhab.binding.tellstick.handler.core.TelldusCoreD
at org.openhab.binding.tellstick.handler.core.TelldusCoreD
at org.openhab.binding.tellstick.handler.core.TelldusCoreD
at org.openhab.binding.tellstick.handler.core.TelldusCoreD
22:17:19.293 [ERROR] [andler.core.TelldusCoreBridgeHandler] - Fail
d to send msg:OFF to TellstickDevice [deviceId=47, name=koksfonste
, status=2, deviceType=DEVICE, data=null]
org.tellstick.device.TellstickException: koksfonster: Could not co
nect to the Telldus Service
at org.openhab.binding.tellstick.handler.core.TelldusCoreD
at org.openhab.binding.tellstick.handler.core.TelldusCoreD

Could you please run openhab with DEBUG level set on org.openhab.binding.tellstick ? The attach the log on a new thread here.

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Could we please open new thread for any new issue, this is now really long.

Will try it tonight. Thanks for your Quick answer!

Edit: Here is the thread: Tellstick binding creating lots of errors

Have you found a solution or are you still using your workaround? I’m facing the same issue. Switching works, but when sending a couple of commands at the same time with a rule the connection between the binding and tellduscore is lost.

I’m new to OpenHab. So this will probaly be a total beginner qeustion. But i have been searching and testing for 2 days now wihtout results so im hoping i can get an answer here. The devices that i add only get the channel switch functionality. Not a functionality to turn a device on or off. I have checken in the paperui in the control section and there is only switch witch switches its state from ON to OFF or visa versa. How do i get it to just send an ON or OFF command?

I’ve read your post a couple of times now trying to understand what you’re asking, but I really don’t…

It works like this:
You have a device that you can control from your Tellstick. This device will (assuming everything is working) appear as a Thing in openHAB. This thing has a channel named “switch”. To this channel you hook up an Item. This Item will then appear on the Control page in paperUI and from there you can switch it on or off and when you do, on or off signals will be sent to the Tellstick device. Does this answer the question?

Yes this answers my qeusion. I already thought it would work like this. But the beginner documentation on OpenHab2 is really slim and most of it is written bij experts.

Were can i find an example of a .item file where there is an on and off button added.

Thanks in advance.

Yep, I know. It’s not easy being an openHAB newbie :wink:

You normally don’t need to fiddle around with .item files, the easiest way of creating the Item is through paperUI. Where exactly do you want to show a button? If you want it on basicUI you’d want to edit a .sitemap file, see documentation here.

So I have currently setup a sensor at my door as a switch in tellstick.conf. I have then added this to openHAB. When I open the door tdtool -l gives “last command: ON”, closing again gives “last command: OFF”, but it does not update in openHAB. Is this functionality not implemented or is my setup broke?

Edit: Tellstick Duo by the way.

I think that’s supposed to work. At least it does for me. Never did any special fiddling and my OH status always reflects the one shown by tdtool. Always on Tellstick Duo. Does the OH log say anything when you open the door? Also try with the tellstick binding in debug log mode…

Btw, what OS? Linux here, but I guess the functionality should be the same on Windows as well…

It worked after a restart of openHAB somehow. Also Linux.