Tellstick binding for OpenHab2

I have a OpenHab2 version of the Tellstick binding almost ready, is there anyone that is interested in doing some testing before I release it ?


Does it work with tellstick net?

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i would love to use with openHAB too!
And sure i wanna test binding, if it is possible :smile:

Would also be happy to try it out. Have a tellstick basic.

This is currently just for Tellstick Basic and Duo. I can look at implement the .Net version, but that is quite different.

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@jarlebh that would be great!

You can download a test version from this folder:

To make it work you will have to use openhab2 and do some config. Open you XXX.thing file and add the follwing:

Bridge tellstick:telldus-live:1 [refersh=“ANumberOfMillisec” publicKey=“XXXX”, privateKey=“YYY”, token= “ZZZ”, tokenSecret=“TTT”]

The values for X, Z, Y and T can be found on the this page
When it is installed correctly you should get all the sensors and devices from in your openhab2 -> Paper UI -> Setup Wizard.
Set the ANumberOfMillisec to the update interval, don’t go below 1 second at least.

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For anyone that wants to try telldus-core (basic or duo) then download the same binding and use the following in your XXX.things file

Bridge tellstick:telldus-core:1

If you are using Linux you might want to do

Bridge tellstick:telldus-core:1 [libraryPath=""]

otherwise it will use default values for windows.

Another important thing to note is that for Windows you need to use a 32 Bit JVM for Linux you need 64 bit or the same as your OS.

Great news here :smile: Thx for this test version!
i can see all the devices from in the Setup Wizard and i can add them.
But when i try to turn on and off the devices, nothing happens.
The does not show any reaction.

When i log in to, i can turn on and off the devices as usual.

After starting openHAB in debug mode, everything works fine.
Even when i start openHAB again in normal mode.

Great work!

Thanks again @jarlebh

It is probably something with the initialization code when you add them the first time. I will look at it later.

Hi, the add-on works perfect for me. Is there anyway to format the display of the date time for last update for sensors?

Best regards

The binding worked fine on my tellstick net, thank you!

I used the binding before in the alpha version and it worked well. My Pi crashed however and i decided to do a complete reinstall with Jessie end Openhab2 beta1. Now the binding doesnot seem to work anymore.

The log shows the following error:

18:38:25.927 [WARN ] [org.apache.felix.fileinstall        ] - Error while starting bundle: file:/opt/openhab2/addons/org.openhab.binding.tellstick_2.0.0.201508211430.jar
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not resolve module: org.openhab.binding.tellstick [179]
  Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: ch.qos.logback.classic; version="1.0.7"

Any suggestions? Am I missing something?


That jar is 5 months old… To run the binding with OH2b1, you need to use the latest version of the binding.

Hm, we do not yet have a Tellstick binding in the repo, nor am I seeing an open PR for it. Am I missing something?

I know there is no official support, but the binding @jarlebh made worked in the alpha version. I guess I just have to use 1.8 binding for the time being. It was nice though with the auto discovery :wink:
With the 1.8 binding I have a problem with my sensors, but I guess that is something I am doing wrong.

You could also ask @jarlebh to make it work on 2.0 and provide a new version (or create a PR).

I also have the same problem as @Don_Janssen, the binding @jarlebh made is not working on the beta version.
I have Tellstick Net so I cannot use the official binding.
@jarlebh could you please make the binding work for the beta version?

Sorry for the delay, the code is here:

It is just not ready for a pull request yet, I have not had time for personal reasons. However I will try to get it working. It does work locally in dev environment.